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Formal and Informal Learning: Why a balance between the two is required in a workplace?

Learning, as we all know, is part of life. The workplace is considered a legitimate environment for learning new skills and gaining knowledge that enhances an employee’s morale and encourages their participation in work-related activities. One can even say that work and learning are synonymous as when employees invest time in work activities their experiences accumulate. They get a better understanding of their role in the organization and its importance. In today’s fast-moving corporate environment, learning new skills and honing pre-existing capabilities is essential, and without the right tools, an employee may fall behind.  Corporate employees must continuously modify and update their working habits to sustain competitive advantage, remain employable and perform well. To help employees establish themselves better in the work environment and boost performance, companies come up with various opportunities and provide learning platforms. Through these opportunities, employees integrat

Employer Giving - An Amazing Way Corporates Show they really Care for the Society

Corporate philanthropy programmes, also known as, Employer giving programmes, are opportunities provided by companies to engage their employees in small acts of kindness that can contribute to major social or environmental changes.

How to Deal With Coworkers Who Pass the Buck?

  A functional corporate environment works like a well-oiled machine. Responsibilities are distributed among the employees, there’s fun, there’s banter, but eventually, everyone has to do their part of the job. 

10 Most Unethical Behaviour Traits Shown By Coworkers

Ethics are those values, principles or rules that we, as human beings, set for ourselves to live a better life. Ethics are a prerequisite for all aspects of our lives. Without these ethics there will be no moral code and the world will erupt into chaos.