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Through the means of 'Exposant', we intend to invite all interested people to come forward and share their experiences and thoughts in the form of articles and anything that wishes to convey to us knowledge about psychology and psychological sciences. We expect well-written articles that are analytical, critical, and thought-provoking in nature. 

The top 3 contributors would be duly recognized and appreciated every 6 months and much more attractive incentives are there for regular contributors.

We want you to have free roam and let your creative juices flow. However, we do request that you observe our writing guidelines:

Writing Guidelines:-

Please follow our writing guidelines if you’re interested in submitting an article!

Relevant Topics/Subjects:- 

  1. Corporate Culture
  2. Leadership
  3. Office Bullying
  4. Resource Management
  5. Social Issues

Types of Guest Post:-

  • Articles

Unacceptable Topics:- 

  • Marijuana, CBD, Porn, Gambling, Sex & Products, Hate Speech, Prohibited Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol products etc.
  • Posts imposing danger to community/society or carrying remarks on racism will be rejected.


  • English

Who can write?

  • Anybody who has a good flair in the English language. 
  • Aspiring bloggers and writers who wish to gain experience in blogging and article writing 

Content Length:-

  • First and foremost, your contribution should be 100% original, and has to pass the Copyscape test. We will do the test for you. Don't worry!
  • There is no word limit for your creative contribution. 
  • Articles should have a word count of 500 words to 1000 words or more
  • Share your photo, a short description of what you do and why you like writing, links to your social profiles/personal blog along with your contribution to us.


  • We source our own – please don’t add them to your submission unless absolutely necessary!


  • Although we’re sure that you are an excellent writer, we will make grammatical or factual changes to your article if we find them necessary.
  • The final decision of whether an article is to be published, or not, is with the Editor, who also reserves full rights to determine the final cut of articles to be published. 


Can I repost the article on my blog?

  • Sadly not! The aim of Exposant is to offer unique articles to its readers that cannot be found elsewhere. We’d really appreciate it if you didn’t repurpose your articles elsewhere – including your own blog.
  • In case the author wants to republish their articles on other platforms, they need to consult the Editor of Exposant at wisespecs[dot]mail[at]gmail[dot]com (on the same email thread where the article was earlier submitted) before republication. Only after the Editor’s consent is obtained and due credits are provided, the articles can be taken forward for republication on other platforms. 

What about the ownership of the article?

  • The platform shares ownership of the published articles along with the author. The article is deemed to have ‘published’ as long as it is available on the internet here: www.exposant.co.in.
  • The sole decision of whether the article should stay published, or, whether it should be withdrawn from the website at any stage, rest with the platform.
  • In case Exposant shares your article with other platforms for republication, the author’s consent is presumed and due credits are given whenever published. 

Do I get paid for writing an article for you?

  • We don’t offer monetary incentives right now for writing a guest article. We consider exposing your content a good way of exchanging value between both of us. However, the top 3 contributors would be duly recognized and appreciated every 6 months and much more attractive incentives are there for regular contributors.

Do I have to pay to get published?

  • No, this platform is absolutely free for all.

Contributing writers can contact us and it would go through editing and publication as per the editorial standards of Exposant.co.in. Please email us at wisespecs[dot]mail[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested to contribute! 

We are looking forward to your contributions!



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