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Health psychology implies the biopsychosocial factors affecting health. Health psychologists believe that social and psychological factors freely influence our physical health. Thus, psychological science is adapted to promote a healthy mind to cure and prevent illness. The respective piece is a curtain-raiser to the vast field of health psychology proceed reading to explore more about the present issues and trends in health psychology.

Introduction to the world of health psychology

Health psychology encourages people to indulge in health betterment and prevent illness. Health psychologist studies the patient's psychology in illness and healthcare. Society and negative mental health, hereditary illness, behavioral issues can hurt the patients who are suffering from health psychological problems. 

For ease, health psychology can also be termed medical psychology and behavioral medicine. In the 1970s the domain of health psychology got originated. Today, the advancement of health psychology has increased the life expectancy of patients suffering from chronic diseases. 

The Biopsychosocial model treatment was derived from George Engel in 1977. The ideology was to enlighten people that a person's medical condition is besieged by psychological and social factors too, along with biological factors.

Role of health psychologists

Health psychologists are the medical practitioners who apply their knowledge in the field of psychology to promote a positive lifestyle and health and analyze the factors impacting the patient's wellbeing.

Health psychologists focus on comprehending the patient's reactions and recovery ability over the illness. Currently, health psychologists are striving for the enhancement of the health care system and governmental health care policy.

The health psychologists focus on-

  • Recognizing the patient's behavior
  • Encouraging positive lifestyle
  • Determining the ability to cope up with the treatment and healing from the illness.
  • Investigating the behavioral attributes among the medical professionals and the patient. 
  • Observing the psychological impact of illness on the patients and their families.

Health psychology can cure the patients 

Our psyche and physique are interconnected thus the diagnosis of a health psychology specialist may involve examination of the patient's emotional and behavioral attributes. Relying on the health psychologist or the therapists would be advisable. Because they may educate the sufferers and their families about the factors impacting their well-being. Health psychology provides ailments by relieving from intoxication or smoking; chronic disease; weight, stress, and pain; etc.

Application of biopsychosocial model treatment

Health psychology has adapted a biopsychosocial model of treatment. To be precise, the psychosocial method is an assortment of biological, psychological, and social factors. Which enables the well-being of the patient. The physiotherapists incorporate professional conclusions with ethical beliefs to ensure proper treatment of the patient. 

The biopsychosocial model is commonly adopted in chronic pain as the pain is pathophysiological as it can not be alone classified into biological, psychological, or social. The physiotherapist integrates the psychological and physical treatment to cure the disease to which the patient is subjective.

In the earlier times, people used to die due to epidemic, starvation old age, etc. but now people are meeting their end sooner than expected. The cause of death has altered with time. Now, people mostly die due to chronic disease, unhealthy lifestyles, etc which have hazardous impacts on one's life. 

The biopsychosocial model applied in health psychology assists the patients in controlling their own emotional and behavioral attributes to lead a positive and disease-free lifestyle. 

So basically, the spirited field of health psychology is entirely concerned about the well-being of the sufferer and their families by leaving a glimmer of optimistic impact on them.


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