Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Mythical monsters in modern disguise

At first, I thought it might be the job post I shared on groups. Yes, the post was related to the steel and metallurgy industry. But nowhere in my post, I mentioned that I belong to the same field. The guy must have made a mistake.

So to clear his doubts, I asked him to show proof of where he has seen my name is related to the steel and metallurgy field.

To my utter dismay, he replied with a nasty slap.

“Aapne change kardithi mere picture lene se pehle” (You have changed it before I could take a screenshot)

These are social media trolls, some "monsters in disguise" the number of which is increasing day by day, like zombies, infecting others and making their victims suffer from mental agony.  It is unlikely that such malicious behaviour will be removed by imposing strict laws.

A full adaptation of this blog topic was published on The ArmChair Journal with the title: Social media trolls: Mythical monsters in modern disguise on 17th February 2020.

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