Wednesday, 22 January 2020

When would Indian grooms stop looking for ‘Homely girls’?

I first heard this term ‘homely girl’ in 2002, when my friend Ritu got married. She was only 23 then. Her sister’s brother-in-law liked her very much and so proposed her for the marriage. After completing her bachelor’s, Ritu was married off to that guy. Later I came to know that the person liked her, mainly because she was homely. And indeed she was. She was a gentle-natured good looking girl, an expert homemaker, and could well mingle with children.

That was a long time back. I was very young then and did not give any heed to the concept of ‘homeliness’ then. Neither did I try to make myself a ‘homely character’ like my friend Ritu, acceptable to all members of the society. I thought it was just an old-fashioned concept meant for those who are eventually interested in making a family and not a career. I firmly believed that well-educated guys with modern outlook don’t believe in such a concept. But I was wronged several times later in my life. Even today, I see many urban guys in our society want ‘homely girls’ for marriage.

India is progressing. Yet, when the question of marriage arises, the groom and his family prefers a "homely girl" as their "bahu".

A full adaptation of this blog topic was published on The ArmChair Journal with the title: When would Indian grooms stop looking for ‘Homely girls’? on 14th January 2020.

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