Where is the Scientific Temper in India gone?


 Article 51A(h)- “[It shall be the duty of every citizen of India] To develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.”

Out of the ten Fundamental Duties of every Indian citizen mentioned in the 42nd Amendment Act of the Indian Constitution, 1976, the abovementioned duty has been treated with woeful negligence. With the arsenal of disinformation getting stronger by the day, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence to the cultural lexicon, bad actors are laying pseudoscientific larvae in the stagnant pools of society. The only way to escape from the bite of the blood-thirsty mosquitoes that inevitably metamorphose is by repelling them with scientific scepticism. 

Our government is prompt to praise ISRO and its scientists for their achievements, but this promptness doesn’t carry over to criticising products that lack any scientific confirmation. 

Why are newspapers distributed to children in schools plastered with astrology? 
Why do the same parents who want their children to be doctors and engineers seek advice from astrologers about what best to do to pursue such a career?

In an education system where sceptics are shunned and reprimanded for their ‘sinful’ actions, it isn’t surprising to find out its sheer incompetence in instilling a scientific mentality in the Indian youth. Instead of wasting their time on such menial tasks, many schools (especially privately owned) have decided to prioritise the useful things in life such as praying to the Christian God, maintaining rather puritan discipline, and making sure to scrutinise any transgressors. 

Why does the system pigeonhole scientific logic strictly in the fields perceived by society as “scientific” and denounce it when used in other walks of life? 

It’s a fatal flaw that, if not urgently dealt with, can place us in peril of an Orwellian Dystopia. Nuance has been girdled by the poisonous polarity in society, and its only antidote is being held hostage by the poisoned institutions which are far too intoxicated to see the apocalyptic simulacrum of ‘1984’ we are destined towards. But one must remember, that the human race is its own biggest enemy, and it works in the funniest ways. 

Dogmatism is running rampant, on both sides of the political spectrum, mind you. And instead of extinguishing this metaphorical fire-pit, we are choosing to inflate it till it will become an inferno too hot and too fierce, engulfing anybody and everybody in its path, till it gives the onlooker a rather reminiscent image of hellfire.

It is rather shameful that for almost 50 years, the multiple governments at the helm of the country since 1976, have utterly failed to assist its citizens in achieving one of their fundamental duties. And even in the 2024 elections, this issue is hardly mentioned in manifestos and speeches, and why would it be? It is a fundamental conflict of interest to do so. If scientific scepticism is propagated then how will these parties fool citizens into voting for them?

A problem which stems from our education system has its roots rather perplexingly from the top down, lying on the soil is our electoral system with dogmatism being its water, and its leaves we see are misguided youth, frustrated and unemployed. Among these sorry leaves bloom a few strikingly gorgeous flowers, which grab our attention and distract us from the terribly polluted water. Unless the water is purified there can be no escaping from the quicksand masquerading as soil.

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