Profit doesn't come in monetary terms only

Continued from part 3: Claustrophobic Environment can take a Toll on the Health of an Employee 

When I analyzed the situation, I faced in my workplace I came up with these few points:-

1. Change the age-old practice of Restriction

The observation:- The age-old practice of keeping employees engaged in one particular domain of work for a long time creates a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration among the workers. In this situation, if a newcomer comes and asks for more, the seniors get concerned. The management tries not to offend the seniors by giving the new employee the required exposure that would enhance his/her skills.

The solution:- Companies should arrange for new pieces of training at regular intervals to keep the employees engaged, up-to-date, and interested in their work. When seniors get to know new things they will invariably allow their juniors to do the same. This type of culture is seldom nurtured here.

2. There should be a Balanced Distribution of Work

The observation:- Because of no or little exposure to new things in office work, many seniors start feeling less interested in their office assignments and start indulging in entertaining activities to keep their minds fresh and happy. Of course, these are necessary. But not at the cost of precious working hours. If they skip work or shift burdens to their juniors, the pressure on the later increases and often leads to an unbalanced work distribution system. The junior loathes under pressure while the senior takes day-offs.

The solution:- There should be a tight evaluation system regarding this. However, even this system can be flawed if favoritism is rampant among the management.

3. The salary structure should be standardized based on previous experiences

The observation:- It is often seen that when a candidate switches over to another career path he/she is usually offered less what he/she used to get from his previous domain of work. This is understandable as the candidate is a newcomer to the field and the salary will be accordingly. But, if a company is hiring the candidate with the intention to use his/her previous experiences in the present domain also then he/she deserves a better salary. After all, why should a person be compelled to work in the same previous domain while his/her designation is something else?

The solution: - If a company is hiring a candidate with the intention to extract services based on his/her previous experiences, then they should pay at least the last drawn salary of the person. It would be fair to do this instead of baffling the candidate.

4. Keep an eye on the progress of the fresher

The observation: - This is supposed to be done by the managers/team leads of the department. But often even after the good performance, a candidate may get sided because of favoritism and other reasons.

The solution: - There should also be a system to evaluate the progress of the candidate from the HRs end to see whether the candidate is satisfied with the workplace culture, exposure he/she is getting, and the skill sets he/she has developed over the time.

5. Create a workplace ambiance that is conducive

The observation:- People with claustrophobia don't like congested workplaces. This makes them unhappy, unproductive, and panicky. Unhappy and unproductive, disengaged employees are unlikely to make positive contributions and their negativity tends to spread at an alarming rate.

An employee spends 9 hours or more of their day inside the office premise. They sit there for hours, combining creativity and intelligence to produce results for their employers. They need a workplace environment that is conducive in order to create something unique and add value to the production. Hence, the ambiance of the physical workplaces, be it government or corporate, plays a significant role in an employee’s life.

The solution:- To bring an attitudinal shift in the way people work an employer must pay heed to certain aspects of office ambiance. Employees who enjoy and like the environments they are a part of will be more engaged, productive, happy, and healthy.

6. There should be ways to identify wrongdoers

The observation: - Many a time some wrongdoing by the seniors inside the office premise remain hushed up and juniors are blamed for that. Old management often keeps certain things regarding their favorite workers under the carpet in order to keep their records clean. This gives a wrong notion about the managers, team leads, and the whole system to the juniors.

The solution:- A strict HR policy should be implemented to identify such problems, problem creators, and ways to eradicate them.


To the employers:-

In a business profit doesn't come in monetary terms only...they come in intangible humanitarian context also.

People don't just join your company and come to your offices to do assignments to get paid. They spend a considerable amount of time inside the office premise. They build a bond among themselves which actually works between them and leads to higher productivity. Most of them come with the dream of building a successful career, and not to get disappointed or demoralized. Not even one such disappointed employee be there in your list.

An employer should give his/her employees an enjoyable work environment, let them contribute happily and spontaneously to your company, and let them build their career.


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