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Formal and Informal Learning: Why a balance between the two is required in a workplace?

Learning, as we all know, is part of life. The workplace is considered a legitimate environment for learning new skills and gaining knowledge that enhances an employee’s morale and encourages their participation in work-related activities. One can even say that work and learning are synonymous as when employees invest time in work activities their experiences accumulate. They get a better understanding of their role in the organization and its importance. In today’s fast-moving corporate environment, learning new skills and honing pre-existing capabilities is essential, and without the right tools, an employee may fall behind.  Corporate employees must continuously modify and update their working habits to sustain competitive advantage, remain employable and perform well. To help employees establish themselves better in the work environment and boost performance, companies come up with various opportunities and provide learning platforms. Through these opportunities, employees integrat

Make Your Work Space Livelier with These Simple Decor Tips

The office arena consumes a big part of the week in any employee’s life. Such places affect the mental and physical health in a good or in a wrong way. By giving the office a lively look their mood can be lightened. This in turn gives the company a better performance. You can go through the basic ideas for office decors to make it livelier.

Add a Little More Light

Offices today are all tightly packed because air conditioners require such orientation. This way the office rooms compromise with the bright sunlight and the beautiful natural sceneries outside. A little more panes on the walls can light up the whole area and keep the employees away from being packed up.

Light-coloured furniture, for example, light grey, white, beige, etc. can add up to the show.

Making Things Artistic

The empty walls add vagueness and increase boredom. Switch to the artistic side and make the office interesting to look at. Unique chairs and tables, or the hanging lights look fascinating. Putting paintings with positive messages may inspire employees. Walking on the artistic always mesmerizes the purity in the soul.

Use of Mirrors

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A very famous décor is putting mirrors. Mirrors are extensively used, in fashion, interior designing, craft. Putting mirrors on the walls, especially on the ceiling makes the office area beautiful and brighter due to the reflections. When the employees take a break to stretch their bodies a little or their necks, they can take a glance at their faces. Looking at the mirror can boost a person’s confidence and make them more social.

Play some Games

A physical distraction from work is so important. Installing games can ironically help an employee to be more concentrated. From children to adults, games always inspire. Games also help in building better relationships. The lunch will not be boring when the office has a pool game or table tennis. The arena becomes full of positive energy. This will cost a little but will prove to be an investment.

Making Colorful

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Simple colors look classy but sometimes they make the décor boring. But where attracting the energy of the employees is involved, colors can play a better role. Having colorful geometric patterns on the floor or multi-coloured angled furniture makes the environment playful. Colors are rich in moods. If the company has a set of colors that show some symbolism, then those will be a better choice.

Let Plants do it

Everyone prefers plants in their homes, saying they purify the air. Plants not just purify; they also beautify the surrounding. There are flowering plants or plants with beautiful leaves like the snake plant or majestic palm. They can survive indoors without much hard work. The green color of the plants soothes the human mood. What can be a better way to make the office as lively as the plants!

Focusing less on making the office a fit for class, it must be made a fit for the employees. Ask the designers beforehand about their plans. I encourage you to discuss the whole design. The more the office looks lively and familiar the more it will motivate employees to work.

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