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Formal and Informal Learning: Why a balance between the two is required in a workplace?

Learning, as we all know, is part of life. The workplace is considered a legitimate environment for learning new skills and gaining knowledge that enhances an employee’s morale and encourages their participation in work-related activities. One can even say that work and learning are synonymous as when employees invest time in work activities their experiences accumulate. They get a better understanding of their role in the organization and its importance. In today’s fast-moving corporate environment, learning new skills and honing pre-existing capabilities is essential, and without the right tools, an employee may fall behind.  Corporate employees must continuously modify and update their working habits to sustain competitive advantage, remain employable and perform well. To help employees establish themselves better in the work environment and boost performance, companies come up with various opportunities and provide learning platforms. Through these opportunities, employees integrat

Growing Up As Heather - Part 3

After Buff passed away Emily and Kotton became friends. Watching them playing outside just made my day better. There was not a moment that we did not laugh. Kotton would get Emily in trouble for running through Debbie’s flowers! There was one time where we actually caught them sleeping side by side together one night. 

Emily is a Sheltie. So she would herd everything that moved. The mower, the tractor, a car, or the 4 wheeler. This photo fits perfectly with how Kotton and Emily would play. Kotton was Cory and my first cat so we learned what it means to take care of an animal and how important it is to make sure they get loved because that is how you build a lifetime of memories with that animal. I am so glad that our guardians got us animals to love every day.

Unfortunately, Kotton got to the age of 13 years old and his life also came to the end in 2018. That cat will never be forgotten by me. He loved his hunting days and watching Emily and his play made us laugh. He is missed. Both Buff and Kotton lived a wonderful life together.

With all the animals that came into my life has changed me for the better. Emily and I had a close relationship ever since she was a puppy. She would follow me everywhere I went and did not like it when I left. I always made sure that Emily was taken care of every day. Emily was my best friend whenever I was around. She helped me get through my tough days. She made my life better every single day!

Emily helped get through my homework nights after I came home from school she was my reading partner I would study with her, read to her while she took a nap on me. Whenever I had a bad day at school she would listen to me of how my day went so it was nice to have a listener.

I always did my best to take pictures of Emily so I could cherish them forever which most of the time she did not mind me doing, but she sure did know whenever I got the camera out some moments she would participate in and some she would run away, but for the most of the part, she was good at getting photos done. I encourage anyone who has animals to take as many photos as you can so you can hold onto the precious memories you made with your favorite animals!

While I was in school I always struggled in my classes I had to work harder for my grades than my other classmates and that was alright it did not mean I was not smart I just had to think harder for my grades. 

My favorite class was the gym class I could just be myself as well as it gave me a break from thinking. Whenever classmates found out that I was adopted they would make rude comments to me that would hurt my feelings and I never understood why all I wanted was to make friends and be accepted by people. The older I got the more I was able to ignore those negative comments because I know that I have a purpose here. Everyone’s life journey is special because we all have gone down different paths which have helped us be who we are today and people will judge, but we need to focus on the positive comments and ignore the negativity around us. So just always remember your life journey does matter!

I graduate high school in 2015 and then I entered the real world. I took a little bit of a break to figure out what I wanted to do. Some people choose to go to college, but that is not what I wanted to do. After we graduate high school it can be a scary thing, but we need to remember that people will tell us what to do and how we should live our lives, but always do what is best for your life. Yes, I did graduate from a Christian school and what I will tell you is I left that school knowing in my heart that I was NOT a Christian and I was alright with that because I knew that I was different.  Just because I went to a private school did not mean I had the same belief system that everyone else around me had. No one really asked me about my belief which I was glad about because I sure did not want to talk about it. I will tell you that even today I am still NOT a Christian which I will talk about another day. Everyone has their own belief system so I live the best way I can every day.

Whenever I got older and was able to write I enjoyed writing in a journal so that I could get my thoughts and feelings out, but there was always one thing that worried me which was who would find that journal and read it so I hid most of mine and did not let anyone look at it even my own guardians that I lived with because it was a personal thing.

Well, that is where I am going to leave you guys at I will share with you more about myself growing up piece by piece. I wanted to do a short growing up blog because I want to give my readers an idea of how I grew up. I hope this blog gave you an idea of who I am as a writer and blogger. Please stay connected with me to find out when the next blog will be posted. I love all my readers and I am glad we are friends!

Author Bio:
Name: Heather Kendall

Born in Ukraine and brought up by her American parents, Heather is a writer and blogger who loves to share her personal experiences with everyone in the world.


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