Sunday, 5 July 2020

When agency people could not find anything to undermine my merit, they looked for personality disorders.

Based on a true experience of a dedicated worker who just could not give up...

A few years back, I got a job as a social media executive in a reputed IT firm. I was chosen to work for them after successfully completing a course in digital marketing from an institution run by the same company. I was practically thrilled at first, but soon realized I had made a mistake. 

The beginning of the journey

Being a creative-minded person I took a risk of training myself in commercial art even after completing post-graduation in Economics from a reputed university. At the time when all my friends have established themselves in their career path, I was still struggling to stand on my feet. Yet, I did not give up.

Before joining this new company, I was working as an advertisement professional and had already gained a fairly good level of experience (a total of 4 years) as a visualizer-cum-copywriter-cum-designer. My last drawn salary was 12K in hand. After 7 months of gap due to an accident, I was compelled to accept a meager salary of 8K in hand in this new firm. I had no choice, as I needed a job badly to finance my medical expenses.

I was told by my seniors that I had to work hard to prove my worth to the company. Then only my salary will be raised. I thought after years of exploitation in advertisement firms who were paying me less, I now will be able to prove my worth to the world. What a damn fool I was to believe in those sugarcoated words of my seniors! 

Because of my experiences in advertisement agencies, I was given the task of helping my senior designer in his assignments. I had to do visualization and make him design the posts accordingly, find the right images for him so that he can do the designs, and also do the pending works of him whenever he took leave.

Apart from that, I had to write tests for social media posts, design social media posts, conceptualize new campaigns for each and every project that came, check the social media content of other contributing content writers in my team, plan, distribute and execute the assignments, etc. Sometimes I was also given the assignments of other teams too when their designer or copywriter was absent. Practically I was working 24x7. But neither I complained nor did I give up. A salary of 8K was too little to motivate anybody in this field to work in this manner. But I did so to gain experience, improve my skills, and increase the salary to a level that is considered 'a standard'.

The ordeals begin

When I started excelling in my works, my seniors got frightened. They would devise peculiar plans to distract me from my work. Plans like making noise while I am working, avoiding me when I am talking to them regarding work or any kind of normal discussion, hardly discussing with me about campaign ideation, etc. were executed. It was often observed that my senior designer would spend time gossiping with others. This led to a loss of time and workload used to build-up. I started feeling the pressure. Taking leaves without informing me was another plan devised by my designer. This would put me in an awkward position when the time for prompt delivery was needed. All I had to do was to speed up my service and do two different types of works parallelly. 

This resulted in both physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion. After around one year I started to realize that they were deliberately making me feel exhausted in this manner so that I feel compelled to put down my resignation. I hardly took leaves to relax as I observed that my team lead was not in favor of that before me completing the one-year cycle. But she allowed the designer to take leaves often. This was nothing but to build-up more and more pressure on me. Yet, I did not give up.

When they could not find any other means to deter me from my dedication and the quality of work I delivered, they started irritating me in every possible means so that I feel uncomfortable and lose temper and they could prove I have a personality disorder. And that I am a rude person, misfit for that team, and incapable of handling certain situations. Yet, I did not give up.

My salary rose to 11K in hand after one year. But by that time I felt I need a break and some fresh new types of work. I requested my team lead to consider me for new types of assignments like SEO works and PPC works so that I could learn and deliver more. She refused several times. This broke my heart.

The feelings

You know when you give so much to your team and your team lead refuse to allow you to excel, things definitely go wrong inside your mind. I started feeling that I am being fooled and exploited by each and everyone in the team. And then there was that designer who deliberately created ruckus over a heated exchange of words. He complained against me calling me rude. All were got up cases. Then on a fruitful day, things got worse. A group of content writers deliberately disturbed me during work by making noise. I complained to the team leader who took it as an opportunity to disgrace me in front of others. A short temper loss, an argument with my team leader landed me in a situation where she called me "a psycho" in front of others. I was made to sit in a corner of another room, away from my team, alone, for the rest of the month. By that time I had already put down my resignation when I understood I had nothing to gain from this team and the company.

So much of the effort went to gutter. My dedication, my experience level, my eagerness to work hard, my output quality, was not what I am made of... to agency people like these, what matters is the level of bootlicking and submissiveness I showed to them. They are afraid of ambitious and real good workers. Why not! Their own lack of qualification and competitiveness would thus get revealed by people like us.


Most of the agency people here don't like improving their skills in what they have been appointed but improving their skills in office politics for certain. When they could compete with one they collectively device plans to destroy the person's career by deliberately proving he/she is unworthy to the eyes of the higher authority. 

Again most of the companies in our country and especially in the region where I live, fail to recognize the real contributors in their offices. Bootlicking has got into the nerves of so many here that it has practically become impossible to shine among them with your own abilities and experience levels. The HRs hardly go deep into the matters to understand what is really going on inside the team. The mental and physical health of a worker is nothing but a utopian concept here in this country and we, who are sensitive people, had to deal with these situations by either totally giving up jobs or try to become another submissive bootlicker like them.

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