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Formal and Informal Learning: Why a balance between the two is required in a workplace?

Learning, as we all know, is part of life. The workplace is considered a legitimate environment for learning new skills and gaining knowledge that enhances an employee’s morale and encourages their participation in work-related activities. One can even say that work and learning are synonymous as when employees invest time in work activities their experiences accumulate. They get a better understanding of their role in the organization and its importance. In today’s fast-moving corporate environment, learning new skills and honing pre-existing capabilities is essential, and without the right tools, an employee may fall behind.  Corporate employees must continuously modify and update their working habits to sustain competitive advantage, remain employable and perform well. To help employees establish themselves better in the work environment and boost performance, companies come up with various opportunities and provide learning platforms. Through these opportunities, employees integrat

Key to happiness for Introverts

You're not the only one who engages themselves in a self-struggle for being introvert. Stop blaming yourself and learn the art to embrace this trait of yours. Everyone is not born to become a social butterfly. Accept yourself the way you are. Celebrate life every day with some useful tips to be happy.

Stop Overthinking

Come out of the habit of overthinking which makes life complicated. Stop thinking that why other people (Extroverts) mingle with masses so easily and you find it difficult. Never allow negative people to be around you who constantly infuse negativity in your mind for being introvert. This will make you think more and obviously, it’s not positive.

Declutter your life

Along with decluttering your house and cupboards, it is equally important to declutter your life as well. Remember that you need to let go of people, situation, possession which threatens your mental peace and bring down your confidence and self-esteem. Revamp your wardrobe, give your home a makeover by discarding items that serve no purpose. Same with people who add no value to your quality of life or put your morale down do not deserve to be in your life. 

Be the Boss

Take charge of your happiness, search it within yourself. You know most of the introverts are genius and you need to identify and bring the best thing hidden within yourself. Once you succeed in that you win half of the game. This will bring immense joy to you. You just need to believe that you have a lot more to contribute to society and gain happiness without participating in the rat race.  

Open up

No, open up does not always mean signing up in dating sites, and getting engaged in meaningless chatting with random people, unwillingly attending parties and gatherings, No. Open up to yourself. This is an Art of Living. You need to sit and figure out what ideas you have to beautify your life with the available resources and skillset? Start giving shape to your ideas in the form of paintings/drawings/sketches/cartoons/writing articles or blogs whatever suits you. If you want to make videos to showcase any of your talents, start doing it today. Let people get connected to you when they engage themselves with your creation. Now see the magic, you not a lover anymore for being introvert.

Emphasize on Self-Love and care

Show love for yourself which you often forget while you feel guilty for being introvert. Start from body care. Get regular health check-ups done, keep yourself fresh, fit, and beautiful that you fall for yourself all over again. Personalities who look happy with themselves attract man followers. Being liked by people is an amazing feeling and key to happiness. Treat yourself with your favourite food, gift yourself a new dress, or a book by your favourite author. Plan a Holiday for yourself. Nothing rejuvenates a soul when it gets exposed to nature.

These simple and easy ideas can show introverts the key to happiness. 

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I am an HR professional who has a passion for writing so I love doing freelance in Content creation as well. I love to keep myself engaged in learning new things, reading books, doing research along with following my passion for writing. I am here to share my ideas on different subjects in the form of articles which I hope will be helpful for others.
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